Top 5 Certificate Framing Ideas For A Beautiful Finish


It can be challenging to know what to do with those precious certificates and awards you’ve worked so hard to earn. But don’t let them languish in a drawer! 

In this article, the team at The Picture Factory have compiled some great ideas for certificate framing that will show off your accomplishments and make them last a lifetime.

1. Ensure to Use Archival & Preserving Materials

Certificate & document framing is not simply a method to exhibit your accomplishments – it can also be a viable preservation method. After all, your degree or graduation certificate is the physical reward signifying a line of hard work and dedication, making it as unique as you are. Be sure to use framing methods that establish an environment suitable to protect the document itself from damage over time, such as acid-free materials. It is also prudent to use UV, glass to block up to 97% of sun rays, which could otherwise cause your university certificate to fade and degrade inside your framing. 

2. Introduce Some Refinement with Matted Designs

One of our more popular certificate framing ideas that has been adopted for countless years is computer cut matting. This is both a subtle, yet refined choice to display your achievements, as we can apply the latest technology in the industry to perfectly cut and create bespoke designs in a cost-effective, yet sophisticated manner. You can select a colour that best represents your style or even the colours of your school, with the mat delicately wrapped in a superior fabric and accompanied by delicate lettering and debossing to secure a timeless look with your certificate frame.

3. Create a Centre Focus in a Wider Grouping

Every graduation certificate and degree is an accomplishment worth celebrating, but it’s no secret that there will be some that hold more weight than others as you progress through your academic career. From special commendations to professional doctorate degrees, you will likely want to add some extra significance to your arrangement. A great way to do this is not just by framing a certificate or university degree, but by encircling it with other documents honouring your achievements in a wider grouping. This way, you will show your progressive development and expertise within a given field, culminating in your success by drawing focus on your most prized accomplishment.

4. Frame Alongside Your Graduation Cap & Tassel

Is there anything more quintessential to the overall graduation experience than your cap and gown? While it might appear somewhat impractical to place your gown up on the wall, another of our favoured certificate framing ideas is to include your cap (or even just the tassel) alongside your high school or university certificate. This adds another dimension to the presentation of your achievement, making it both personalised and a little more special than what others might expect of your display.

5. Mix Up Where You Choose to Display Your Certificate Framing

If you’ve worked hard to earn your certificates and degrees, you want to be sure to show them off in a way that will impress others. Here are some ideas for elegant certificate and degree displays:

Place on Shelves

This is a classic way to display your certificates and degrees and can be very effective. Placing your graduation certificates and degrees on shelves allows you to arrange them in a manner that is visually appealing and easy to access. Plus, shelves provide an excellent way to showcase other items that are important to you, such as awards, trophies, or pictures.

Hang Above Your Desk

Hanging your certificates and degrees above your desk is a great way to make them a focal point in your office. This method also allows you to easily change the arrangement of your certificates and degrees, depending on what you want to highlight at any given time.

Grouping in Your Office

If you have many university certificates and degrees, grouping them together in your office can be an excellent way to organise them while still making them visible. You can group them by subject matter, date earned, or any other system that makes sense to you. This creates a visual impact and shows you’re knowledgeable in many different areas.

Explore More Certificate Framing Ideas with The Picture Factory

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