Canvas Framing: Stretching & Floating Frame Vs. Box Frame


If you are interested in capturing some of your favourite memories or artworks on canvas, it can be tricky to determine which framing solution best suits your needs. There are unique advantages to any display frame that works with canvas, and different variations will appeal to your framing requirements. 

So, to help you learn what you need regarding unique picture frame mounts for your canvas piece, we at The Picture Factory have put together some information so that you can enjoy beautifully framed items as part of your home décor. 

What is Canvas Framing?

Canvas framing refers to any image printed onto a canvas before being placed over a wooden frame ready for display. There are several variations of canvas framing, including stretching, floating, and box frame designs. 

Why Choose Canvas Framing for Your Artwork or Picture?

Printing photos and creating your home décor frames is an exciting part of decorating a space. When you are looking for display frame options, canvas framing is an excellent choice for picture frame mounts. 

There are several reasons why you should choose canvas framing: 

1. Glare-free Home Décor Frames 

When you choose canvas framing, there is no risk of glare. The satin-matte finish of these picture frame mounts makes them the perfect choice for brightly lit rooms and open spaces. 

2. Stylish Display Frames

Canvas framing is timeless. This means they can fit naturally with various home décor choices and picture frame mounts for years to come. 

3. Cost-Effective Picture Frame Mounts

Canvas stretching is an affordable option when looking for home décor frames. As an alternative to purchasing art or paintings of similar sizes, the cost can be considerably less. 

4. Various Size Options

When you choose a canvas display frame, there are so many size options to choose from. This will allow you to enjoy a print that matches your home décor and produces results that you will love. 

5. High-Quality Picture Display 

Practically any artwork or picture you choose for canvas framing will create an eye-catching display. The quality of the materials and the canvas stretching techniques will make your images look their best for longer. 

Types of Canvas Framing: Stretching vs. Floating vs. Box Frame 

Canvas Stretching

Canvas stretching works to preserve pictures and artwork. The image printed on canvas is pulled over a timber frame ready for display, and they can be left unframed or accessorised with custom picture frame mounts for added effect. 

Advantages of Canvas Stretching

Canvas stretching helps to create images that appear sharper and brighter than they did in their original form. They are also loved for their sense of familiarity when combined with aspects of an individual’s home décor and their easy-to-use, customisable designs. 

Canvas Floating Frame

A floating canvas frame is an eye-catching way to display your favourite artwork and pictures. They create the appearance of the canvas floating above the frame without actually coming into contact with it. Doing so allows the entire image to be visible, with no part obscured by a frame. 

Advantages of a Canvas Floating Frame

This 3-D effect draws the eye towards the item within the frame. Their sharp profile is particularly popular amongst those that hope to highlight art pieces featuring bold, vivid colours. 

For those seeking a slightly elevated look that resembles the style of a museum or gallery, a floating frame is an ideal choice for your home décor. 

Canvas Box Frame 

Like traditional canvas wrap designs, a canvas box frame is a professionally framed mount that keeps the canvas positioned within the moulding, with the sides clearly visible to create a boxed effect. 

Advantages of a Canvas Box Frame 

Using a canvas box frame has many practical benefits. This design protects the edges and corners of your printed canvas and prevents any structural change or warping that may occur over time when left unframed. 

The chic, sophisticated design also lends depth and dimension to an image, creating a unique sense of style as part of your home décor. 

Discover Custom Home Décor Frames at The Picture Factory 

At The Picture Factory, we provide a range of custom framing solutions to meet the needs of our clients. Our canvas framing techniques produce high-quality results so that every display frame highlights your image in the best way possible. 

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