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Certificates / Degrees / Tech Docs

Graduating is a special moment for students and their families alike. Receiving a degree or certificate is a big honour, and there is no better way to show how pleased you are at that achievement than framing the certificate / degree in a nice frame. Our unique certificate framing is available to help you display your memorable achievements.

Certificate Frames

As experts in custom framing, The Picture Factory is the first stop for graduates who want to display and preserve their hard earned qualifications. Our certificate frames can be customised to your unique requirements for a personal touch.

Our customised certificate frames come with the choice of standard clear or non reflective glass and double mats for that extra impact. As your documents are of great importance, we will not mount them down and will hinge them with acid free tape.

Before we begin certificate framing we recommend you make copies of your achievements for future use.

Degree Framing

Here at The Picture Factory, we have ready-made frames for degrees from LaTrobe, Melbourne, RMIT and Swinburne and of course we can custom make you a frame if you want mats or different moulding.

Standard frames can be purchased directly from our store, where you can insert the document on your own accord. All projects undertaken at The Picture Factory are completed to a high standard. Whether you’re after specialised certificate or degree framing, custom framing, custom mirrors, memorabilia framing or block mounting in Melbourne, The Picture Factory will deliver.

Computer Cut Mats

The Picture Factory now offers computer cut mats. This means that just about any shape is possible, so there are now more options to make your memories look better.

Multiple double matt openings are now easier than ever, thereby making them an excellent cost-effective way to enhance your work. Previously, with the time taken to cut multiple double or triple mat windows, the cost would be prohibitive except for the highest end frame jobs, but can now be produced for little more than the cost of a single opening mat.

Lettering and creative debossing are also offered, again at cost-effective prices. Some logos and trademarks can be debossed (with owner’s permission) onto the mat, personalizing the signature pieces.

The Advantages of Certificate Framing

Manufacturing frames is more than just a job at the Picture Factory, it is an art. We want our customers to show off their achievements in one of our unique certificate frames and be proud of the design.

Picture Frames Melbourne

A quality Picture Factory certificate frame will:

  • Stop your document from fading
  • Protect your document from damage
  • Last years after manufacture
  • Provide an aesthetically pleasing exterior
  • Be made from high quality materials

If you’re after unique picture framing in Australia, choose The Picture Factory for quality service.

Why Choose Us?

The Picture Factory is your custom framing specialists, offering unique frame solutions throughout Melbourne. Our quality certificate framing, memorabilia framing, custom mirrors and block mounting is Melbourne’s finest.

We offer genuine frame solutions encompassing:

  • Customised and standard design
  • Fast turn-around times
  • Cost effective solutions
  • High quality frames

For more information on custom mirrors, certificate framing, block mounting Melbourne, memorabilia framing and picture framing Australia wide, call The Picture Factory on (03) 9459 1777 today or submit an online form.