As experts in custom framing, The Picture Factory is the first stop for graduates who want to display and preserve their hard earned qualifications. Our graduation certificate frames can be customised to your unique requirements for a personal touch.

Our customised certificate frames come with the choice of standard clear or non reflective glass and double mats for that extra impact. As your documents are of great importance, we will not mount them down and will hinge them with acid free tape.

Before we begin certificate framing we recommend you make copies of your achievements for future use.


Manufacturing frames is more than just a job at the Picture Factory, it is an art. We want our customers to show off their achievements in one of our unique certificate frames and be proud of the design.

This service will:

  • Stop your document from fading
  • Protect your document from damage
  • Last years after manufacture
  • Provide an aesthetically pleasing exterior
  • Be made from high quality materials

If you’re after unique picture framing in Australia, choose our team for a quality service.



The Picture Factory is your custom framing specialists, offering unique frame solutions throughout Melbourne. Our quality certificate framing, memorabilia framing, custom mirrors and block mounting is Melbourne’s finest.

We offer genuine frame solutions encompassing:

  • Customised and standard design
  • Fast turn-around times
  • Cost effective solutions
  • High quality frames

Preserve Your Achievements with a Degree Certificate Frame


When it comes to commemorating your academic accomplishments, The Picture Factory stands as your trusted partner in Melbourne. We specialise in crafting exquisite frames for certificates and degrees, ensuring your hard-earned qualifications are elegantly displayed and impeccably preserved. 

Our certificate frames are meticulously designed to strike the ideal balance between impeccable customisation and timeless sophistication. We recognise the deeply personal nature of your achievements, and so it’s our commitment to you to offer truly bespoke solutions that cater precisely to your unique requirements.

Stylish Certificate Frames for a Personal Touch


Within our extensive selection, you have the freedom to opt for a variety of size, glass and colour options, further enhancing the visual impact of your framed certificate and truly showcasing your personal style at the same time.

Standard frames can be conveniently purchased from our store, allowing you to insert your document with ease, while customised options are available to ensure your memories are encapsulated forever. 

Degree Framing: Shop Ready-Made or Custom Options Today


Every project we undertake is executed with the same commitment to excellence. We are dedicated to providing fast turn-around times, cost-effective solutions, and environmentally-friendly options to meet your diverse framing needs. This is why we extend our expertise beyond certificate and degree framing! Check out our complete range now.  

Preserve your milestones and cherished memories with precision and elegance. Contact us on (03) 9459 1777, and let us transform your achievements into timeless works of art.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Certificate framing is the process of putting your certificate, award, diploma or other important documents in a frame, made especially to preserve the document and prevent fading. Not only does it protect the document from general wear and sun-fading, but it also allows you to choose the perfect, customisable frame to proudly display your achievements. You even have the option to choose from different types of glass to suit your preferences!

In fact, when choosing a certificate frame, there are several factors to consider, the most important being the size of the certificate. The frame should be large enough to fit the certificate without being too large or too small, and the colour and style of the frame should also match the recipient's personal taste or the occasion for which the certificate was awarded.

Absolutely. We appreciate that you will sometimes be awarded with certificates and diplomas that do not match the common A3 or A4 dimensions, but this doesn’t mean you should not be able to proudly display them in your home or office. At the Picture Factory, our team are more than happy to custom make any size frame you desire. All you need to do is tell us the size, colour and preferred materials, and we will deliver an amazing, hand-crafted frame that will act as the new focal point in your home’s wider aesthetics.

Our experienced team can make frames of any size, from large designs that cover entire walls, to more subtle, yet striking alternatives. All of our frames are custom made to the shape, size and colour you desire, with a range of purposes available, including:

  • Prints, posters and photos
  • Memorabilia, sporting, jumpers and medals
  • Certificates, degrees, technical documents
  • Block mounting, laminating and custom mirrors

We are passionate about creating the right frame to simultaneously fit your space, highlight your piece, and match your decor. Just let us know the dimensions you would like, and we will produce the perfect frame to display your achievements.

Yes, at the Picture Factory, not only do we choose to use top quality, recyclable wood & materials for our certificate frame designs, we also endeavour to operate in a sustainable fashion that minimises waste and optimises the output of our resources. In doing so, we ensure that our appropriate use of locally sourced goods cares for the planet, supports Australian businesses, and passes savings on to our clients. What’s more, our frames are designed to last for many years, and with proper care, will hold a useful life for decades ahead.