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Frequently Asked Question

  • How can I get an idea of price?
  • Bringing the work to us will guarantee an accurate quote. Each standard or custom frame will differ in price. As we offer custom framing, block mounting in Melbourne, memorabilia framing, custom mirrors and certificate framing, each project will be a different cost. For the best price advice submit an enquiry form and we’ll try and give you an accurate price.
  • Do you cut custom mat boards?
  • The Picture Factory now also offer computer cut mats. This means that just about any shape is possible, so there are now more options to make your memories look better.

    Multiple double matt openings are now easier than ever, thereby making them an excellent cost-effective way to enhance your work. Previously, with the time taken to cut multiple double or triple mat windows, the cost would be prohibitive except for the highest end framing jobs, but can now be produced for little more than the cost of a single opening mat.

    Lettering and creative debossing are also offered, again at cost-effective prices. Some logos and trademarks can be debossed (with owner’s permission) onto the mat and therefore personalises the work like nothing else can.

  • How long does the custom framing take?
  • As we are experienced in picture framing in Australia, The Picture Factory will aim to have your custom framing back to you within one week. Depending on the availability of the frame moulding, we will aim to manufacture your quality custom picture frames within a week from order. The Picture Factory is renowned for our fast turnaround times and customer service and aim to deliver this with every project.
  • Do you make custom mirrors?
  • Yes, The Picture Factory can make custom mirrors to any size. We can manufacture both framed custom mirrors and unframed mirrors, with or without bevelling. In addition to our quality custom mirrors, we offer memorabilia framing, certificate framing, custom framing and block mounting to Melbourne customers.
  • Do you use timber or Perspex frames?
  • We use timber frames for majority of our custom framing. All except one style are timber frames, the other is aluminium extrusion. We offer our customers the choice of standard or custom framing to meet any requirement.