As a long-standing, experienced frame shop in Melbourne, our specialists at The Picture Factory are proud to offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to make your photos, posters, certificates, and sport memorabilia stand out. Whether it’s a precious family photo, a beloved sporting jumper, or your hard-earned degree, our team of experts is here to guide you through the process of custom framing and canvas stretching solutions.

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With over three decades in the industry, our specialists at The Picture Factory continue to strive to deliver the custom picture frame you require. Our experienced team offers expert advice and suggestions, so you can make the best decision for your picture framing needs. Whether you come into the factory, send us an email, or talk to us on the phone, we will do our best to help design the frame you require. Our experienced staff will go through the possibilities and clearly explain our services related to custom framing, canvas stretching, sport memorabilia and more in Melbourne.

If you find yourself asking, “Where can I find a picture and photo framing shop near me?”, our Melbourne-based picture framers in the northern suburbs are experienced in a range of areas, making us the perfect fit.


Our photo and poster framing experts have the ability to complete jobs ranging from single custom projects to wholesale bulk orders. As the leading picture framing shop in the region, we frequently undertake corporate projects, too, and will also cater to training or achievement certificates for any employee or business.

For quality sport memorabilia or poster framing in the Melbourne CBD – including large frameswooden framesblack framescustom mirror – choose The Picture Factory. Call (03) 9459 1777 or submit an online enquiry form.



The Picture Factory is a family-owned and operated business that started life in 1991 as a small custom Melbourne picture framing business, offering quality products to clients across Melbourne.

If you’re looking for professional picture framing near me, you’ve come to the right place. As one of the leading framing shops in the country, our company has redefined photo frames in Melbourne; customising photos, memorabilia, tapestries and certificates in West Heidelberg for over 30 years.

Our staff are loyal and are now second generation, growing along with the business and possessing a rich knowledge of the industry, our services and solutions that meet the needs of all of our clients.

Today, though our expertise has expanded, we remain committed to delivering a personalised service. In fact, we are proud to state that our first customers remain loyal and return time and time again.


Our art framing store has continued to grow, though, and our experience now covers a raft of services, including:

  • Custom picture framing services and mats
  • Standard items
  • Block mounting
  • Artwork and creative framing
  • Personalised mirrors
  • Canvas stretching
  • Sport memorabilia and certificate framing

We can create products from bulk corporate products to individual block mounting, and apply the same level of experience and custom services to all ends of our business.

If you are after something truly unique, we have created unique certificate and memorabilia frames for customers and companies as well as custom mirrors for large organisations like Tabcorp, Just Group and Toennjes.

All delivered with the same friendly, family-centred level of care as we provided when we first opened our doors back in 1991. As a result, we’ve earned our name as a reputable brand for end-to-end services across all of Melbourne, including South Melbourne, Heidelberg and Richmond.


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Our custom picture frames are the ideal way to display your cherished memories. For the truly special moments, you don't want to have to go digging through a cupboard of albums to find the memory you're after. You want to have them surrounding you in your home, where you can see them.

These designs, provided by our Melbourne picture framing store, are made with a range of high-quality materials to suit your taste and style. We can design them to suit your personal specifications to match the look of your home, so you’ll be surrounded by meaning and memories every day.

Our professional picture framing shop in Melbourne can beautifully display more than just photos and paintings – think about all the special mementos and treasured keepsakes that you hold dear. What about your baby’s first handprints or footprints, or a pressed flower from your wedding day? (Perhaps even the confetti?)

That ticket stub from your first date, or perhaps some sport memorabilia like the jersey you wore that day at the footy? You worked hard for that degree – don't store the certificate away in some drawer; why not display it for all to see with a distinguished design that expresses the hard work you put into achieving it?

Our Melbourne framing shop can tailor designs to fit your specifications. They can be constructed to fit multiple photos and objects all within the same frame, in a variety of patterns.

You’ll just need to remember that there are standard measurements for the viewing window within, for example, 4 x 6 inches, 5 x 7 inches, 5 x 8 inches – or A2, A3, A4, etc. Remember, it’s important to measure up the space you’ll be hanging it in as well to make sure it will fit.

Starting as a family-owned business in 1991, The Picture Factory began our journey to become a leading Melbourne frame shop, offering services to clients all over Australia. In the years that followed, we started expanding our services to offer memorabilia framing, art frames, personalised mirrors and custom solutions for any occasion.

All the way through, our focus has been to offer high-quality of their products and solutions, ensuring that every customer experience is a personalised one.