As a cherished treasure for both historical contexts and personal ones, war and military medal mounting is a popular solution for those looking to preserve valuables like this for years to come. In Melbourne, there are a number of providers offering this, but it’s important to trust the right experts in the trade – like us – to get the job done. If the right level of care and attention isn’t paid, accidental damage can occur, which is also often irreversible.

Are you worried that you’re not sure how to do this task yourself properly? If you lack the experience or knowledge around this DIY job, then we recommend investing in reputable medal mounting services instead. Just like other awards and accomplishments you’ve collected over the years, your medals are representations of something truly special and worth remembering, so it’s always worth taking care of them for the long-term.

Medals mounting lets you cherish these pieces forever

Whether they’re military or war medals – or for another circumstance – these awards are not only tokens of appreciation, but also a reflection of honour and commitment. To military personnel, these accomplishments are designed to be displayed and preserved carefully, and you should always feel pride in doing so. That’s why we’ve created our services: to help you remember moments that deserve to be established for generations more.

Backed by all the experience necessary to perfectly (and carefully) mount your medals in all the right ways, we provide services right here in Melbourne. No matter what kind of event your treasures are honouring, we can ensure they’re showcased elegantly for the future..

What options are available to you?

On the modern market, there are a few ways you can go about this kind of solution. Typically, there’s a choice between court and swing mounting – both of which have their own benefits.

If you’re looking to have medals mounted together with ribbons by their side on a backing board (to prevent them from moving), court techniques are the best option. Meanwhile, for pieces you’re happy to let swing from where they are attached, the alternative is more than suited for your needs.

However, for customers that aren’t entirely sure what kind of look they’re after, our experts can provide you with guidance and support to help you make an informed decision..

Choosing the right provider

On your hunt for a specialist in this area, it’s important to consider a few aspects. This ensures you choose an expert who will not only treat your pieces with respect, but are also able to get the job done properly and to an appropriate price point.

Here are a few details to keep in mind:

  • Assess the work completed by the company previously. Do they have a portfolio or gallery you can look through?
  • Ask for samples if you can’t access a readily available portfolio.
  • Ask colleagues or other war or military war medal owners about their experience.
  • Read through the website of the company to see all information at hand. On ours, we offer plenty of resources and advice around the services provided by our team in Melbourne.
  • If you’re unsure, make sure you relay your concerns to the specialist, so they can answer any questions you many have.