When you are looking to really make your memorabilia or special pictures take pride of place on the wall, shadow box frames are an excellent way to make them really stand out. These glass-fronted designs are deeper than traditional options so they can hold items as well as prints, photos, documents and the like, or a tasteful combination of both. 

As the name suggests, these options have a raised mat, which will cast a light silhouette over the item you are displaying to add a feeling of depth and an artistic finish. These designs are perfect on their own to frame early childhood memories, mementos, signed images or documents. Alternatively, you can also run them as a series along your wall.


The team at Picture Factory in Melbourne has been providing tailored solutions for the region’s residents and businesses since 1991 and have provided unique options for corporations like Tabcorp. We pride ourselves on tailored solutions for all of our customers and providing services that make your item the hero on any wall.

Simply tell us the dimensions of the item you want to be framed and we can create shadow box solutions to suit anything from flat images and pictures through to solid items and memorabilia including sporting balls, medals and much more.

All of our products in this range are available in a selection of colours and materials as well so you can ensure that it compliments your home or business and also the item you are framing.


Not only will these nifty products make your memories look like the statement piece of your space, but it is also going to protect them and keep them in immaculate condition for longer.

The glass and depth of these solutions mean that your print, picture, photos, memorabilia and more are going to be shielded from the ravages of time, as well as potentially harmful environmental issues like moisture and UV rays.

It also means you can protect your precious items without having to lock them away. This way you can not only keep them visible and accessible if required, but the attraction of a shadow box means that they are going to draw the eyes of anyone who enters the room so everyone can enjoy them.

Preserve and Display Your Memories with Box Photo Frames


When you’re seeking a captivating way to showcase your cherished memorabilia or memories, look no further than our display box frames. These unique designs offer a depth that goes beyond traditional framing options.

Whether you’re looking to showcase cherished early childhood memories, signed images with sentimental value, meaningful mementos, or crucially important documents, our versatile designs are ideally suited for both standalone masterpieces and the creation of an alluring series of framed items that will elegantly grace your wall.

Regardless of your choice, our designs allow you to curate your space with creativity and sentimentality.



No matter what you need preserved, our shadow box framing store in Melbourne can assist. We offer the full range of services across the region – including certificate framing for your important credentials; customised options for prints, posters and photos of all sizes; and medal mounting or framing for all kinds of memorabilia.

Give the team at Picture Factory in Melbourne a call on (03) 9459 1777 and let us know exactly which item(s) you want to be framed and their dimensions. We will come up with boutique solutions that wholeheartedly meet your needs from start to finish. 

Buy Custom Box Photo Frames in Australia


Your memories and cherished items deserve nothing less than the utmost care and attention to detail, which is why we take pride in offering boutique solutions that are tailored to meet your unique needs, from the very beginning of your project to its completion.

For more information, reach out to us and let us know the specifics of the items you want to frame, including their dimensions, and we’ll take it from there. Buy shadow box frames online today.


Frequently Asked Questions

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A shadow box is a multi-dimensional frame used to display treasured photos and items. It can be used for keepsakes, artwork, heirlooms, and so on.

A shadow box frame is a great way to put any special memory on display, and the great thing about them is that the items placed in the frames don’t have to be limited to just flat photos or documents – you can also hold 3-dimensional items as well, such as seashells from a beach trip or even a ball from a sporting event. It is made up of two boxes, one inside the other. The inner box has a see-through front so that the object can be seen from both sides. The outer box surrounds the inner box and helps to protect it. As a result, the options are endless for you to create your own special memory box to display and protect your items.

A shadow box acts as a display case where the glass is raised away from the back of the deep frame, creating an empty space inside to be filled with your choice of memorabilia. Your items and photos can be mounted artistically, creating a beautiful display to frame your pieces!  Shadow boxes are made with a hollowed-out frame that allows you to place the object flush against the back of the frame. This creates a "shadow" effect, which gives the frame its name. A regular picture frame does not have this feature, and can only be used to display two-dimensional objects.

As long as it is cared for while on display/being stored properly, your shadow box will last a lifetime! As far as the items inside, a shadow box can even help to protect the items and extend their lifespan, as it can hold them safely, while protecting your precious memorabilia from harmful UV rays, moisture, dust and dirt. This allows you to securely have the items where your friends and family can enjoy them, instead of keeping them hidden away in storage for safe-keeping.

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to size. Your shadow box can be as big or small as you need to hold your photographs or items. For custom designs, simply tell us the dimensions of the items you plan on placing inside and we can create a frame that is the perfect size to offer a beautiful display of your pieces. It is a good idea to figure out the layout of how you plan on displaying your items before ordering your frame, so that we can ensure the frame is big enough to display your memories exactly as you intended.