The experienced team at Picture Factory in Melbourne has been providing the full range of customised solutions to individuals and businesses since 1991. We can provide customised solutions for needs, be it for CD or LP frames, vinyl displays and other applications. 

Classic displays like this make for excellent decorative pieces and can take you back to memorable years that have gone by, also providing great conversation pieces for the ages. Our professional and experienced team can help deliver the highest quality LP/CP frames for your specific piece, so they will have a long life after their playing days are over.


Unfortunately, while vinyl is one of the warmest and real ways to consume music, it is a platform that time is not friendly too. Every single time you play your favourite record, it goes through wear and tear. Over time, this adds up and the sound quality eventually suffers. It’s also extremely sensitive to heat and light, which can cause it to warp and bend. This not only renders it unplayable but also makes it difficult to display them because the press is no longer in shape. 

Our Melbourne experts can provide vinyl record display frames that will protect your favourite classics so they can be displayed, shielded from heat and UV rays. Enjoy your masterpiece on occasions when you want to treat yourself to your favourite record. This service can be completely customised to your needs and provide the ultimate wall hanging for your living room or any other space in your home or business.

Customise your framed vinyl display with other mediums and combinations

While vinyl looks outstanding all on its own, you can also pair the record with the album cover or inlays for a comprehensive display. You can also personalise the design by including pictures, signed memorabilia, guitar picks, ticket stubs or any other items to help immortalise a special concert that you want to remember forever.

No job is too challenging for our team either; we can work with whatever products you want to preserve  along with your record to create a unique, personalised piece of wall art that you can treasure forever. Simply send your measurements and requirements and we’ll take it from there. 

Our comprehensive range of services

Picture Factory in Melbourne is your local, experienced company in the field, and we can provide a raft of other solutions beyond this specific solution, including:

Our team is fully local and available to deliver customised solutions to all suburbs of Melbourne. Give us a call on (03) 9459 1777 and let us assist you with your next project today.



Frequently Asked Questions

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Everyone has that one song or album that they consider to be the anthem of their life. Rather than hiding your favourite record away on a shelf or in a dusty cover, there’s no better way to show it off than to have it displayed proudly on your wall – especially when it’s been signed by the artist or band.

We pay particular attention to making sure that our solutions properly protect and preserve your vinyl so it doesn’t become discoloured or warped. Records are extremely vulnerable to damage from heat and UV light exposure. When they become warped, this process is irreversible. You can rest assured your albums will be safe with our designs.

Yes, you can purchase an empty frame to use – or you can have us custom-design one for you to match your personal specifications. The best part about this is that it comes with a custom laser cutout for the disc and you can add whatever artwork you want.

All you need to do is pick out the right size and add any additional features you want. From there it’s as simple as adding your treasured keepsake and hanging it on the wall. Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements today – we want you to be fully happy with your purchase.

Of course, it would be a shame to hang your favourite album on the wall only to never hear its incredible music again. Our solutions have been designed so that it’s easy and convenient to remove the disc, then safely pop it back in again.

Our products are constructed to protect vinyl from being warped or damaged by UV light or heat. The impact from regular use is just standard wear and tear – so there is no reason for you to fear removing it from its display case, so long as it’s placed back carefully afterwards. 

Of course, if you have further queries, please don’t hesitate to contact our expert team on (03) 9459 1777. We’re always on hand to help.