At The Picture Factory, we offer unique sporting memorabilia framing services in Melbourne, designed to put the spotlight on your coveted collectables. From football jersey framing to personalised exhibitions of your prized medals, our custom memorabilia frames offer an affordable solution to preserving those golden moments in history.

No item is exempt from our custom sports memorabilia framing services. We use our expertise in framing to ensure that every memory, big or small, is celebrated. 

Our process is all about respect and reverence for your memorabilia. We understand these items’ emotional and historical value and aim to translate that into the final framed product.


At The Picture Factory, no item is too unique or personal for our jersey framing and framing services. We can accommodate your items, regardless of shape or size, ensuring they’re framed to the highest standard. With additional mats, box frames, and plaques available, you can trust us to preserve your treasured memories for generations to come.

Rugby and footy jumpers and medals look superb when framed. At The Picture Factory, we offer personalised solutions to ensure you get the perfect product to preserve your memories. We prepare items such as:

  • Sporting jumpers
  • War medals
  • Sports memorabilia
  • Balls
  • Certificates
  • Ribbons
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Lettering and creative debossing are also offered alongside creating a frame for a shirt or jersey, again at cost-effective prices. Some logos and trademarks can be debossed (with the owner’s permission) onto the mat, personalising the signature pieces.

To learn more about our sport memorabilia framing, custom framing, block mounting Melbourne or picture framing Australia-wide, call (03) 9459 1777 or visit our store today!


We’re experts in creating frames to display your memorabilia, football shirts and jerseys or medals in a unique way. Our customised sporting memorabilia framing allows you to cover your treasured items in any shape or size.
We specialise in mat board cutting and can shape the memorabilia frames’ backing to complement the object within.

All our frame services are completed to a high standard. Be it memorabilia framing, laminating, custom mirrors, or block mounting for Melbourne clients, we can deliver.

The Picture Factory offers genuine frame solutions encompassing:

  • Customised and standard design
  • Fast turn-around times
  • Cost effective solutions
  • High quality frames



Football memorabilia holds a special place in the hearts of fans and collectors Australia wide. One popular way to preserve these cherished items is through our expert sports jersey framing. 

Choosing us for this special project guarantees you a priceless result – a beautifully displayed piece of sporting history. Whether it’s a signed jersey from a legendary player or a special team shirt, framing not only protects but also showcases your favourite sports memorabilia, so you can relive the excitement and passion all over again.

Your Local Sports Memorabilia Store, Backed By Over 30 Years of Experience


With over three decades in the industry, The Picture Factory has been a trusted name in custom framing. Our experienced team is here to guide you through the process, whether you visit our store, reach out via email, or call us. We’ve been serving Melbourne’s suburbs with a wide range of framing services for years – making us the perfect fit for all your framing needs.

Our commitment to quality and personalised service has earned us loyal customers who return time and time again. Whether it’s a single custom project or a corporate order, we approach each job with the same level of care and expertise with every project.

Custom Sports Memorabilia Framing Services


No matter how big or small, we take pride in transforming your collectibles into stunning pieces of art. Whether it’s a jersey worn during your favourite championship win, or a collection of ribbons that showcase your athletic journey, our custom frames are tailored to highlight these golden moments in history.

Let’s Preserve Your Sports Memorabilia Memories


So, if you’re asking, “Where can I find photo and jersey framing near me?” – look no further. The Picture Factory is your destination for premium quality jersey framing services and more.

Contact us today at (03) 9459 1777 or submit an online enquiry to start preserving your cherished memories in style.

Frequently Asked Questions

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This is a great way to display treasured memorabilia and keepsakes from sports, movies, music and other iconic moments in history. Have a signed jersey from the Grand Final? How about those special sports medals? Or perhaps you have a signed EP or setlist from your favourite band, or you’re a movie buff, and you have a script signed by your favourite actor?

Our products offer the perfect way to show them off in a way that will safely preserve these special keepsakes. This ensures that the integrity and authenticity of the item remains intact. There are several benefits to this, as it will help your collection to increase in value over time.

At The Picture Factory, our sports memorabilia framing services offer diverse framing solutions for a wide array of sports-related items. While sports jerseys and medals are among the most common items we frame, our expertise extends far beyond these.

We can help you to frame and preserve sports memorabilia such as:

  • Football, basketball, cricket, or rugby jerseys
  • Sporting equipment such as balls, gloves, rackets, and bats
  • Autographed photographs of your favourite athletes or teams
  • Match tickets or season passes from significant games or seasons
  • Championship banners or pennants
  • Medals, trophies, and ribbons from amateur or professional competitions
  • Sports cards and collectables
  • Team emblems, patches, or mascots
  • Programmes from important sporting events
  • Pieces of nets, turf, or other game-used materials
  • Race bibs, marathon medals, and participant certificates

Every piece of sports memorabilia has a story; our goal is to help you tell it. We work closely with you to understand the significance of each item, ensuring that the framing design complements and elevates the item's unique qualities. We can create a frame for shirt memorabilia, a sports frame for your medals, or even custom memorabilia frames for a collection of items related to your favourite sport or athlete. 

No matter the item, our professional framing solutions will help to protect and showcase your treasured sports memories.

Having your favourite team’s jersey preserved for display is just as easy as framing the family portrait. Why not make the piece stand out a little more and have the team’s name engraved on the frame, or add a plaque with details of the achievement?

Whatever the piece of memorabilia is, we know it’s special to you, and we'll work hard to ensure that what you get in the end is a personalised product that you'll love. Get in touch with us online, via phone or email. We want you to be delighted with the end result. All we'll need is a few extra details about how you wish for the frame to be constructed.

Getting a quote from The Picture Factory for sports memorabilia framing is as plain and simple as it can be. Quotes can be arranged by clicking the ‘Get A Quote’ button and entering the following details:

  • Name
  • Contact number
  • Email
  • Desired dimensions of the Frame (in mm)
  • Type of frame and style you would prefer
  • Any additional details you would like to be added

Of course, you can always contact us via phone (03) 9459 1777 or email

Professional sports memorabilia framing offers a multitude of benefits. 

First and foremost, it effectively protects your cherished items from potential damage. Exposure to elements such as sunlight, dust, and moisture can deteriorate your memorabilia over time. Professional printing and framing ensure they are kept in pristine condition, preserving their value both financially and sentimentally.

In addition to preserving your items, a well-crafted sports frame enhances the visual appeal of your memorabilia. It gives your items the grandeur they deserve, turning them into eye-catching pieces of decor in your home or office. Framing also allows you to share your passions and the story behind each item with others, sparking conversations and connections.

Lastly, professional sports memorabilia framing can potentially increase the value of your pieces. Collectibles, especially those autographed or used in significant events, can appreciate in value over time. By preserving them in top condition through professional framing, you're helping maintain, and often increase their monetary value.