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Picture framing is more than just a task, at The Picture Factory it’s an art. Here at The Picture Factory we can frame almost anything. We specialise in custom framing to ensure your objects are framed to your requirements. Our standard and custom picture frames are manufactured from quality timber and will complement the object within.


At the Picture Factory we aim to capture your story in our quality custom framing. Pictures, posters and prints are meaningful memories and need to be framed to a high standard. Here at the Picture Factory we can frame your images and posters to any shape and size. As an inexpensive alternative, we offer picture, poster and print block mounting to Melbourne customers.

Memorabilia/Sporting Jumpers/Medals

Memorabilia framing is a great way to display objects of importance. Sporting jumpers, medals, boxing gloves and balls can be framed in any way you desire. We offer memorabilia framing of any shape and size and can tailor to your unique requirements.

Certificate/ Degrees/ Tech docs

Obtaining certificates or degrees is of great importance, so why not show them off with The Picture Factory’s unique certificate frames. We specialise in certificate framing to ensure you can display your achievements. Customise your certificate framing or purchase our standard degree frames, the choice is entirely yours.

Block Mounting / Laminating / Custom Mirrors

Sometimes all your image needs is some laminate for aesthetic enhancement. Here at The Picture Factory, we offer block mounting to Melbourne customers as an inexpensive alternative to custom framing. Our block mounting for Melbourne customers is of high quality, is affordable and is an effective way to mount photos, posters and prints.

The Picture Framing Experts

The Picture Factory can produce a custom framing solution to meet any requirement. Our experienced staff can frame almost any object you require in a fast, efficient manner.

We have a large range of frames in our store and manufacture from only the finest timber mouldings. Here at the Picture Factory, we will take orders of any size.

We offer unique picture framing throughout Australia and aim to fulfil every customer’s needs. Whether you’re after memorabilia framing, certificate framing, custom mirrors or block mounting in Melbourne, The Picture Factory can deliver to a high standard.

For more information on custom mirrors, certificate framing, block mounting Melbourne, memorabilia framing and picture framing Australia wide, call The Picture Factory on (03) 9459 1777 today or submit an online form.