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Melbourne’s Favourite Custom Made Framed Mirrors Online

Block Mounting

This has become a popular and affordable alternative to photo frames. Although we offer quality picture framing services, we also provide block mounting for Melbourne clients. This inexpensive display will allow you to mount treasured photos, prints and posters on a thin board. Make your pieces look presentable with The Picture factory’s laminating and block mounting in Melbourne!

Inexpensive Alternative

We offer the most professional and affordable laminating and block mounting Melbourne can offer. These services are an alternative to our custom framing and are an inexpensive way to make your pieces look presentable.

Come to us for laminating and block mounting your pictures, prints, certificates and posters for stunning display. Your work is laminated and then pressed onto a piece of MDF board or foamcare. We can also provide certificate framing for important documents but can laminate and mount them if you require.

Laminating your prints is important as it protects them from fading, environmental conditions and provides an aesthetically pleasing display.

For quality custom framed mirrors online, memorabilia framing and picture framing Australia wide- Choose the Picture Factory!

Quality framed custom made mirrors available in Melbourne and beyond

The Picture Factory offers custom framed mirrors, ideal for any room in your home. As with our custom framing, memorabilia framing and certificate framing, our custom mirrors will allow you to personalise your home or interior.

Choose the style, materials and finish of your mirror yourself to ensure it is the ideal feature for any room in your home, and with such a vast range of frame colours available, you’re bound to find something perfect. The variety in materials and styles will ensure your custom mirrors and block mounting is tailored to your personal needs.

Computer Cut Mats

Our product offering now includes computer cut mats. This means that just about any shape is possible, so there are now more options to make your memories look better.

Multiple double mat openings are now easier than ever, thereby making them an excellent cost-effective way to enhance your work. Previously, with the time taken to cut multiple double or triple mat windows, the cost would be prohibitive except for the highest end frame jobs, but can now be produced for little more than the cost of a single opening mat.

Lettering and creative debossing are also offered, again at cost-effective prices. Some logos and trademarks can be debossed (with owner’s permission) onto the mat, personalising the signature pieces

Why our custom made mirrors are Melbourne’s best

We have a wide variety of online picture framing services available; each designed for the needs of the customer. We provide memorabilia framing, certificate framing, custom made mirrors plus block mounting in Melbourne to ensure you can have almost anything framed.

Custom framing is the best way to make your prized piece look stunning on display and have it protected from exterior damage. As the custom framing experts, this is something Our pride come with completing manufacturing to the highest standard. We encourage customers to bring the item in as the frame options are almost endless.

With our unique picture framing in Australia, you can receive:

  • double mats
  • double frames
  • Fillets
  • box frames
  • oval mats

Our quality products listed above will enhance the piece within the frame. Whether you’ve been searching for the best memorabilia framing, certificate framing, custom framed mirrors online or something else, you will be very pleased with the price and visual display.

To enquire about our laminating, Melbourne custom mirrors and other solutions available Australia wide, call us on (03) 9459 1777 or submit an online form.