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How to Care for Your Picture Frames: Display, Cleaning & Storage Advice

Woman interior designer decorating white wall with pictures indoors

In the world of art, a beautiful picture frame can elevate the aesthetics of your cherished artwork or photographs. Whether you’re an art enthusiast or simply looking for the best picture frame & boxes to display your favourite pieces, you must understand the importance of maintaining and preserving your picture frames for years to come.  […]

7 Advantages of Custom Picture Frames

A collection of solid wood photo picture frame corner samples

Art and photography are a testament to our creativity and individuality. From sweeping landscapes, to abstract creations, to portraits of friends and family, custom picture frames play a vital role in preserving and showcasing these visual expressions.  In this article, our specialists at The Picture Factory will explore seven of the many advantages available when […]

5 Helpful Tips for Framing Your Certificate or Award


Most people would agree that a graduation certificate, degree or professional award deserves pride of place in your home. Framing your precious documents within a certificate frame is one of the best ways to show them off to others and ensure it remains protected and intact.  If you are wondering how to frame a certificate, […]

A Comprehensive Guide to Block-Mounted Canvas Prints

Displayed on Wall Block-Mounted Canvas Prints

Block-mounted prints are a popular way to display artwork and photographs. They offer a sleek and modern look, while also providing a sturdy and durable way to showcase some of your favourite pieces.  In this guide, our team at The Picture Factory takes a closer look at what block-mounting prints entail, the benefits of block-mounted […]

Picture Framing in Melbourne: Ideas, Tips & Tricks


Some of us might think that picture framing is a straightforward process, without many options to choose from. The opposite is true, and exploring new ideas and harnessing the right tips and tricks can elevate any picture-framing project. From managing different sizes to offering flexibility regarding a specific type of material, custom picture frame concepts […]

Canvas Framing: Stretching & Floating Frame Vs. Box Frame


If you are interested in capturing some of your favourite memories or artworks on canvas, it can be tricky to determine which framing solution best suits your needs. There are unique advantages to any display frame that works with canvas, and different variations will appeal to your framing requirements.  So, to help you learn what […]

Top 6 Custom Framing Ideas For a Stylish Finish


Hanging artwork, certificates and craft pieces in your home can transform each space into a beautiful, stylish living environment. The key is to find suitable custom frame styles and techniques to complement your home’s wider decor, pieces and themes. Understanding factors like colour palette, interior decorating style, as well as the art, certificates or posters […]