Top 6 Custom Framing Ideas For a Stylish Finish


Hanging artwork, certificates and craft pieces in your home can transform each space into a beautiful, stylish living environment. The key is to find suitable custom frame styles and techniques to complement your home’s wider decor, pieces and themes. Understanding factors like colour palette, interior decorating style, as well as the art, certificates or posters you wish to frame will go a long way in tying the room together (not to mention finding the right frame).

The Picture Factory provides custom framing services in an endless variety to create a stylish finish for any setting. In this article, we’ll explore various popular custom framing ideas that provide different types of finishes with an elegant angle. We’ll also include general tips and tricks to optimise the space, placement and colour schemes, helping you to choose the perfect frame for your next project.

1. Gallery-Style & Modern Frames are a Safe Bet

There’s a reason museums and galleries use modern and clean frames for their contemporary art – it cleanly highlights the piece and blends well into the wall it hangs on. It’s a go-to for many interior designers and home stylists, too, because of the sharp, modern and clean lines that allow it to enhance just about any room.

Gallery style custom frames often come in easy-to-match, neutral colours, and they’re the perfect choice when you want a classic, stylish or simple look, and they suit just about any decor. Moreover, they graciously let the eyes fall onto the artwork without stealing too much attention.

2. Choose a Frame that Enhances Your Art (Not Just the Decor)

Custom frames are at their best when they complement artwork without overpowering it. While it’s tempting to simply match colours and style with your decor, if you can land on a style and colour combination that both enhances the art and fits into your room well, you’ll be set for a tasteful finish. Positioning can also be important here; finding a frame that suits both will be challenging if your artwork doesn’t match the surrounding decor.

3. Play with Opposites

Blending and colour matching is a rule of thumb often used in design, but sometimes nothing grabs the eye and excites the system quite like opposites. For example, visually heavy and pattern-busy pieces are well served by simple, minimalist custom frames. If it’s a small, simple or neutral-coloured piece for your next framing project, you can try a more complex, stylish or larger frame to make a significant impact and draw the eye towards the work.

4. Consistency and Variety Can Be Powerful

You can have it both ways when balancing different styles or sticking with the same types! While consistency and variety can work together well, it’s important not to confuse this with a random selection of both. 

Instead, using variety in your framing styles, sizes and colours can add complexity and depth. Still, keeping one element of the frames the same (such as colour or style) can provide cohesiveness throughout the entire home.

From another perspective, consider creating a gallery wall with many pieces in a single setting. Here, it can work well to utilise consistency and select the same colour and style frames but with different sizes to fit perfectly into the gaps.

5. Consider Rustic Frames for Warmth

Half of the battle in creating a stylish finish is all in selecting your frame. Modern, clean frames suit most rooms, but to bring extra flair into the space using your custom frame, you can select a specific style that best matches your theme.

One common and beloved of our custom framing ideas are weathered rustic frames to accentuate warmth, farmhouse, and homely designs. These frames can perfectly complement your space and amplify your home’s charm and welcoming mood for interior decor built on country-style furnishings. Rustic frames complement natural photography, yellow and orange coloured artwork, or family photographs where the subject matter reflects the warmth of the frame.

6. Harness Classic Frames for Monumental Memories

There are many styles to select from with the artwork and pieces you’d like to hang in your home. But for some particular works and memories, nothing complements a piece like a classic frame. Classic frames are similar to traditional decor – polished, pretty and elegant materials that are not tainted by current fashion trends. They harness well-established and time-proven designs and are always an option you know won’t fall out of style.

Classic frames don’t always work for every piece. Instead, use them for your wedding shots, important events, family photos, certificates, and awards. The timeless nature of their design helps the eyes instantly make sense of the monumental time and enhances the special relation to the piece inside.

Hopefully, these custom framing ideas have got your creative juice flowing. If you’re wondering how to make a custom-sized picture frame or you’re seeking frameworks, custom picture framing or general advice – The Picture Factory can handle the whole process from start to finish. Get in touch today for a custom framing quote on our services.