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By using stretching canvas frames, you’ll provide a solid base for your print, which looks great when hung up. They come in a variety of dimensions, so they’ll fit perfectly on any wall. Whether it’s a bare living room or a home office, you can be sure it will add the final touch to your space.

What is a Stretch Canvas Frame?


The concept behind stretch canvas frames is relatively simple. Essentially, this means that the canvas has been wrapped around support bars, then stapled to the wood along the side or back edges.  

These wall-hangings can come pre-purchased, or you can buy a roll of material then take it to a print shop to have your image produced. The latter is usually preferable if you’re getting the product shipped to your location, as they can sometimes become damaged and loosened during transit if handled incorrectly.  

The Picture Factory believes in producing high-quality products. To us, this is of the utmost importance as we always strive to deliver the best products to our clients, no matter the circumstances. 



Most print companies select timber for their stretcher bars as it’s lightweight, cost-effective and relatively affordable. If selecting a larger size, you’ll want to go for a solution that has a centre and crossbar through its backing. 



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We’re committed to providing the best canvas stretching near me service along with customised framing solutions and look forward to helping you transform your space.

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