There are a huge range of options to consider when buying your custom mat cutting. Apart from colour and finish choices, there are a number of other considerations to be aware of. One such consideration is the size of your design. It’s also important to think about features like the colour of the accompanying frame and whether you’d prefer an acid-free solution.  

At The Picture Factory, we have over 30 years’ experience in providing high-quality picture frame products to Melbourne. If you’re looking for a product like this, we’d love to help.  

What are Custom Mat Boards?


If there’s a picture you want to display on your wall, chances are it’s something you treasure greatly. You want to protect it, but you also want to highlight its best features to everyone who walks past.

That’s why we recommend using a mat board for your frame. In addition to glass, these offer protection from any physical damage, while still allowing viewers to see all the details of the print. They also add an extra level of design.

If you’re looking for the best way to enhance your home decor while still showcasing its features, then picking out the right mat board is vital. One of the main reasons custom matting is used is to highlight particular colours or textures within an image. This helps to tie everything together visually.  

Quality Framing Solutions to Preserve Your Memories


The acid levels, or pH levels, present in your mat board can affect whether or not your print fades. Acid-free, or pH neutral, options drastically reduce the risk of fading, so if this is important to you, you may like to consider this option.  

You can also choose the thickness of the board. This comes down to preference more than anything, so it may be a good idea to look at different thicknesses and decide which one you like best.

The final decision to make is what colour you’re going to select. Remember that this should complement other colours used in your surrounding space. It’s important to choose something that’s not going to look too out of place, unless it’s an eclectic look that you’re going for.

About The Picture Factory 


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