Welcome to The Picture Factory, a place where you can get all kinds of photo frames, large and small, modern and traditional. Your photos have an amazing way of telling a vivid story with clear images; and they deserve to be protected within a large poster frame. 

Whenever you want to make an announcement, whether it is the launch of a new product, an upcoming seminar, release of your latest movie, your 50th anniversary, your retirement – and anything else you can think of, we can help frame your messages in classy and attractive large frames.

Big photo frames, big first impression


Our professionally manufactured large poster frames are the best way to make your pictures look stylish and distinguished. These add a touch of class and sophistication to any wall they are hung on without seeming like they are swallowing or engulfing the wall they are placed on. They look like enormous beauties that immediately demand your attention and admiration as soon as you walk in!

The best thing about our bigger options, including our large poster frames, is that they are completely customisable. Therefore, you can give us a design and size specification that you desire and we will turn your specifications into a magnificent poster or large picture frame. 

We understand that the millions of posters you collect as you travel or attend concerts may not be of a standard size and therefore may not fit in the ready-made options available in the market. So we note down your requirements and produce a look that perfectly matches your posters and fits around them as good as skin fits on our bodies!

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Why should you invest in our services?


The larger your piece, the more prominent it will be in your space. So, it’s always important to make sure you’re choosing a design that embraces your piece, not takes away from it. Beyond this, the design needs to be stable, secure and able to support your image for the long run.

If you’re not sure whether investing in professional services like ours is the right choice, here are a few reasons to jump onboard:

  • Our professionals can guide you through suggestions on which designs best suit your needs.
  • For those looking to complement neutral tones, wooden frames are a great way to tie a look altogether – we can help you create the ultimate vibe.
  • Not sure how to embrace your grayscale photography? Let us showcase your piece in one of our black-based large frames.
  • For a sleek, trendy feel, opt for a metallic design that’s carefully put together by our experts.
  • We won’t overdo the end-result. After all, showing off your memory is the most important aspect of this process.
  • We’ll ensure no harm or damage comes to your valuables.

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