If you want to take the class of your photo frame to a level of extreme elegance and modernism then our gold, white, silver and black photo frames are the answer!

Welcome to The Picture Factory. Based in Melbourne, we are one of Australia’s leading provider of top quality ranges for all your needs. We have the expertise to provide highly customised designs in many moulding styles, and almost any size.

Silver Picture Frames

As a chic, smart, and bold option, these make stylishstatement like no other option does. They are aesthetically pleasing and can make any place they occupy appear elegant and sophisticated. If you are a person who is popular for being stylish and trendy, then our range of designs are definitely for you. You can place photographs of your closest friends and family members in a customised product from our team.

Black Picture Frames

If you want a trendy yet subtle look, if you are the easy-going sort who wants style with delicacy then make your selection from our exquisite design collection of white, gold or silver options. We can make your silver, white, gold or black picture frames look sparkling and shining or give them a more authentic look by following an antique design. Our range can make your photographs stand out amongst other items placed with them. They can make your photographs look authentic, appealing, and simply elegant.

If you have purchased postcards or pictures on the trips around the world and you want to store and display these mesmerising views from your favourite holiday places than a high quality silver, white or black photo frame will do justice to the splendour of these poster card pictures! They will enhance the magnificence of these pictures without taking away from the beauty of what they show.

Based on your own personality and preferences, and also the décor of the room you are planning to place the pictures in, you can place an order with our team for a full variety of designs. This includes white, gold or silver options We can follow any design specification you provide us and can manufacture a variety of designs that fit perfectly around the photograph you want to place in them.

All design intricacies of our products are crafted with utmost care to ensure that the final products give a fine look with clean cuts and finesse in all finishing details. We use the best materials because we know what goes into the manufacturing will ultimately determine the standard of the product that reaches our customers; and we want all our customers to enjoy the highest quality available in Australia!

How to choose the right type of frame for your needs

If you’ve got a piece you value, it’s always well worth the while protecting it for the long term. But knowing exactly how to do this or what kind of design to pick from is half the challenge. So, here are a few quick tips to help you get started on the right track for choosing the best design.

  • While our experts will be able to guide you through recommendations for designs, it helps for you to have a vision in mind. If you have any specific requirements or individual tastes, we’ll incorporate all of these considerations throughout the process.
  • Wooden options are still hugely popular and can fit in with existing decor of all types.
  • Black photo frames are great for grayscale images or even for galleries. If you have features in the piece you’d like to accentuate, then this is the best option to choose.
  • Metallic designs are ideal for those looking for a trendy vibe. They also lift colouring in photography.
  • Don’t overdo the colours in your chosen design. You want the piece you’re showcasing to stand out, not be put to the background.
  • Think about your existing space and what’s in it. If there’s already frames around, make sure your new one is consistent.
  • Avoid choosing a colour that is too similar to the walls in your space.

If you cannot make up your mind, our expert staff will be more than happy to offer you their expertise in the field to help you select just the right design and style of our coloured or black picture frames that are meant for you! So get dialling and contact us today at The Picture Factory and place your precious pictures and photographs in our top quality range. We’re also more than happy to answer any questions to help you make an informed decision.

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