Using Custom Size Frames to Decorate Your Home Office

Whether you’ve been freelancing from home for years, or just setting up a home office now to take advantage of new flexible ways of working, it always pays to make your space more comfortable and inspiring to help you do your best work. A home office decorated with professional features as well as personalised or prized items can help you feel like the space is truly your own – a space you actually enjoy working in.

What’s more, home offices usually mean you have a lot more freedom to decorate and design as you please, and custom picture frames to hold photos and artwork will allow you to make the best use of this space. To help you get started, the team at The Picture Factory have put together some ideas on what you can frame, what custom frames to use, and styling tips to get you designing like a pro.

Which pictures and items should you frame?

When it comes to hanging framed pictures in your space, it really is all about you. Remember that it’s a professional setting first and foremost, so try to include things that inspire you. This might include awards and professional certifications relevant to your career, even images of you and your colleagues, or your company’s marketing material. If you run your own business, you can print and frame your business logo to style your office and showcase your pride in your company.

Another option is to select some of your favourite artworks or photography. Choosing custom frames to complement these pieces can immediately liven your space, provide you with something to look at when your mind wanders, or added inspiration to get you through the working week.

If it’s a simple piece, a frame with depth and complexity can provide aesthetically pleasing juxtaposition, and if it’s a busy piece, you’ll be better off with a simple, single-material frame.

Finally, hanging personal photographs of you, your family and your friends is always a perfect choice and ensures you won’t get bored of it. You can select a mixture of people and types of photographs to make a collection of frames on your wall for a nice contrast of snaps.

Styling tips for your custom frames

Home offices are typically smaller than most, so there are some important factors to consider to capitalise on the available space. You can either choose smaller picture frames and place them on your desk, or go for a more permanent touch and hang them on your wall.

When using custom frames on your wall, you don’t need to fill up the whole space. In fact, negative space adds to the environment’s aesthetics, helping to emphasise the pictures and frames you’ve selected. If you’re hanging multiple frames, try to keep an even distance between the sides and tops frames and the frames next to them to provide a neat and design-focused space.

It’s a good idea to keep office environments open and spacious, and lighter coloured frames are great at doing that. Mixing the colours of the frames can add a captivating complexity, but try to keep them a similar shade. Finally, to create a gallery in your home office, placing all the photographs on one wall can work well and develop a focal point for the space.

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