No More Photo Albums – Why You Should Frame Your Snaps

We’re strong believers in this – photographs need to be seen, not shelved. At The Picture Factory we help people take their memories out of their books and put them onto the walls where they can be better appreciated, and we think it’s simply the best place for artistic and sentimental photographs.

Let’s be honest, how often do you pull out the photo album and leaf through? It’s likely you either only do it when distant relatives appear, or you can’t remember doing it at all. Putting even just a selection of your best shots on the wall means you can always appreciate the special moments. Whether it’s your baby’s first steps or just a shot of a golden time you shared with a loved one, you’ll have many more opportunities to reminisce if you put them on the wall rather than tucked away in a book on the shelf.

An evergreen way to decorate

Hanging photos on the wall is an effortless way to style your space that never goes out of vogue. Never has someone had to worry about whether this picture of their child or of their first summer vacation clashed with the wallpaper or complemented the lamp it was above – it just always goes. Focus your decorating efforts where they’re most needed; make the smarter choice and hang your photographs.

You probably don’t have enough to fill a book anyway

Unless you’ve gone to the trouble of buying a film camera, finding a regular supply of (extremely expensive) film and locating someone who will develop your film, it’s likely you don’t have a huge number of physical photographs. That’s okay! Everyone immortalises their memories in digital now, and while that means we can share more of our lives with each other, it does mean the average person lacks a ready supply of photographs to decorate with.

If you’re looking to start keeping physical photographs, you’re likely to be printing them off from digital copies. We’d encourage you to take advantage of the advantages that digital offers and choose a select few portraits, have them blown up as big as possible without losing image quality, and framing them. You’ll save money from only picking the very best, while still being able to appreciate the ‘greatest hits’ from your digital photo album every day.

If you’re looking to immortalise your memories, do it the right way with help from The Picture Factory.