Advice and Inspiration for Picture Framing

Gloved hand holding a picture frame

It doesn’t matter whether you’re hanging a captivating landscape, a mesmerising piece of art, or a cherished family portrait, selecting the right method of picture framing can inject new life into the work. 

Framing pictures is an art form in its own right, enhancing the visual appeal of your artwork while protecting it from environmental damage. Unfortunately, too many photos and treasured artworks are being left exposed to the element and are poorly presented. 

To help with your next project, we’ll walk through some expert advice and inspirational ideas from our specialists at The Picture Factory, your trusted source for all things related to picture framing. 

Choosing the Right Frame for Your Artwork

Let’s start with the biggest and probably, the earliest decision you will make – finding the best frame for your piece. 

Selecting an apt frame for your artwork or photograph requires careful consideration. The right frame not only protects your piece but also accentuates its aesthetic appeal. 

Here are a few pointers to help with your decision-making process:

  • Material Matters: Frames are available in a plethora of materials. Traditional artwork often pairs beautifully with wooden frames, whereas contemporary pieces might shine in metal frames. Consider the artwork’s tone, texture, and era before deciding on the material.
  • Colour Coordination: Frame colour can either complement or contrast with your artwork. For pieces with a vibrant colour palette, a neutral frame colour helps maintain focus on the art. Conversely, for muted or monochrome pieces, a bright, contrasting frame can make a dramatic statement.
  • Style and Sensibility: The frame style can influence how your artwork is perceived. While a minimalist frame might suit a modern piece, a decorative, ornate frame could be perfect for a classical painting. Always remember that the frame should enhance, not overpower, the artwork.
  • Custom Frame Creations: In many cases, off-the-shelf frames simply don’t do justice to your artwork. If you’re finding this, consider opting for a custom frame. A custom frame offers you the flexibility to choose the material, colour, size, and style that perfectly complements your piece. 

Mastering the Art of Matting

Matting, the colourful border around your picture, is another popular element of framing pictures. It creates a visual space between your artwork and the frame, enhancing the visual appeal while offering protection from direct contact with the glass. 

If you’re considering matting, be sure to consider:

  • Colour Choice: A well-chosen mat colour can accentuate the colour scheme of your artwork. Often, a mat colour that matches a secondary colour in the artwork can provide a pleasing contrast and depth.
  • Size and Proportions: The mat width can significantly impact your framed artwork’s appearance. A wide mat could lend a museum-quality feel to your piece, allowing the artwork space to ‘breathe’, while a narrow mat might be more suitable for small artworks or casual display settings.
  • Multiple Matting: For an extra touch of elegance, consider double or even triple matting. Multiple mats allow you to incorporate more colours and add depth to your framed piece. 

Framing a Big Photo

Due to its larger scale, size and weight, framing a big photo requires particular attention and creative solutions. They can certainly make a statement, but to ensure it isn’t the wrong one, be sure to find a picture-framing solution that considers:

  • Strong and Sturdy: Choose a strong, thick-profile frame for your big photo. The frame needs to support the weight of the photograph and the glass for extended periods of time once hung on the wall.
  • Glass or Acrylic? With large frames, traditional glass can make the piece heavy and somewhat precarious. Acrylic, while more expensive, is lighter, safer, and provides superior UV protection.
  • Mounting Matters: Ensure the big photo is securely mounted to prevent sagging or rippling over time. Working with professional frame shops near you can help you choose the right mounting technique.
  • Hanging Hardware: Big, framed photos require sturdy hanging hardware. Don’t neglect this; a big photo falling to the ground could cause significant damage or injury. 

How to Find Quality Services from Frame Shops Near You

When framing precious artwork or photos (particularly with custom frames), finding the right frameshop in Melbourne can make all the difference. If you are reviewing frame shops near you, be sure to review:

  • Experience Counts: Look for experienced framers. Their breadth of knowledge and skills can ensure your artwork is handled with the care it deserves.
  • Quality Materials: Good frame shops will use high-quality materials, from the frame itself to the glass, matting, and even the backing and hanging hardware.
  • Personalised Service: A great frame shop will spend time understanding your needs and the artwork, offering personalised advice and options.

The Picture Factory, a trusted name in Victoria’s picture-framing industry, provides quality materials and expert framing services. 

If you would like to learn more or need some help with your latest project, please feel welcome to contact us or get a quote today.