When To Utilise Custom Picture Framing Melbourne


Are you looking for custom picture framing near you in Melbourne? Interested in learning more about picture framing in Australia? If so, you have come to the right place!

There are many reasons to choose custom frame designs. Whether you are looking to draw attention to items or preserve them for posterity, custom framing is about much more than simply looking good – there is a unique option to suit everyone! Products like custom picture frames with words can be tailored to meet your every need.

In households across Australia, precious items are left unprotected and hidden away. With custom picture framing, these unseen gems become main attractions. So, why wait?

Here are some reasons why investing in custom frame designs is worthwhile for customers across Australia from our team at The Picture Factory.

Are Custom Picture Frames Worth It?

Let’s get straight to the point. From simple, elegant designs to complex custom picture frames with words, the right frame design can ensure your treasured memories and possessions are kept safe for years to come.

If you plan to hang a cheap print just the latest in your home décor rotation, custom picture frames with words and unique details may not be worth the investment. And that’s because custom picture framing is just that – an investment.

You’ll likely already be aware that cheaper, generic frames warp, discolour or change in appearance over time. They are also more susceptible to damage, meaning the contents could lose value or suffer damage itself. This is particularly true in regions across Australia where extreme weather is commonplace.

Custom frame designs offer the solution. By seeking custom picture framing in Melbourne, you can protect your prized items and enjoy them in the best way possible for many years.

Enjoy a Higher Quality with Custom Frame Designs

Exquisite pieces of art, expensive memorabilia, precious memories – whatever you’re framing, it holds a personal value to you as the owner. So why would you seek anything other than the best quality custom frame designs to protect them?

Using custom picture framing throughout Melbourne and Australia has provided clients with more durable designs and actively protect items. They look far better than general, mass-produced alternatives are just icing on the cake!

Custom Picture Frames Protect Against Acidic & Sun Damage

We have all seen the yellowing stains and marks from fingerprints, tape, and other materials that contain forms of acid – not to mention the degradation caused by the sun. When you choose to invest in custom picture frames, the materials are acid-free, preventing any damage that will compromise the integrity of your item.

The custom picture frame with words at The Picture Factory are guaranteed to protect your treasured items.

Using Custom Frame Designs Enhance the Appearance of Your Item

No matter how visually appealing your artwork or photograph may be, a quality custom picture frame can be just the thing to set it off. It is not an exaggeration to say that the right frame can elevate any item, whereas the wrong frame can distract a viewer – and not in a good way.

When you purchase premade frames, you are limited by the designs retailers have in stock. So, why not create a look you love? Investing in custom picture designs allows you to be a part of the process. The frame can be designed to match your décor, the colour of your walls, or even make a statement by standing out from its surroundings.

Custom framing will also best suit the item. In using a professional framer, like The Picture Factory in Melbourne, you can feel confident in the overall aesthetic of your custom picture frames.

Custom Picture Frames Provide the Perfect Fit

Nothing suggests a lack of attention to detail than a frame that doesn’t match its subject. Whether too big or small, an ill-sized frame is an unwelcome distraction.

Signs that artwork has been made to fit a frame detract from the value and aesthetic of your item. So, to ensure your prized possessions are done justice, invest in a picture framing kit in Australia for full creative control over your custom picture frames.

Experience Quality Custom Picture Framing in Melbourne with The Picture Factory

Looking for stunning custom picture frames with words to match and elevate your home décor? At The Picture Factory in Melbourne, we provide the best quality custom framing in Australia.

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