Picture Framing in Melbourne: Ideas, Tips & Tricks


Some of us might think that picture framing is a straightforward process, without many options to choose from. The opposite is true, and exploring new ideas and harnessing the right tips and tricks can elevate any picture-framing project. From managing different sizes to offering flexibility regarding a specific type of material, custom picture frame concepts are as varied as they are abundant. 

At The Picture Factory, we provide our clients across Melbourne and wider Australia with unique custom picture-framing services and industry knowledge. In this article, we have compiled six of our best tips and tricks to ensure your prized possessions are treated with care, respect and top-tier aesthetics. 


1. Consider What You Are Framing 

Before you settle on a frame, it helps to think carefully about what you are framing in the first place. Is it an expensive piece of artwork? A treasured photograph? Or perhaps a bit of prized memorabilia needing various picture frame sizes? Whatever the item, weighing the pros and cons of certain picture framing options can help to save you time and money. 

For example, a cheaper stock photo available in different sizes will generally require less investment than a precious family heirloom. As such, first thinking about the importance of your piece can help you make decisions like whether to seek professional framing with greater confidence. 


2. Invest in Custom Picture Frame Sizes in Melbourne 

Ready-made picture frames are undoubtedly cost-effective and accessible, but this does not mean that they are the best solution for your framing needs. One of the best tips and tricks to remember is that, for the ultimate result, custom picture frames are well worth the investment. Whether you need specific sizes or a certain type of material to complement the subject inside, or you wish to include some personalised ideas in your frame design, custom picture frames give you the flexibility you need alongside a higher level of quality. 

You can also consult with a custom picture framer, like the experts at The Picture Factory in Melbourne, to brainstorm ideas and find the best options regarding materials and sizes when looking for picture framing solutions. 


3. Opt for a Material That Protects Your Piece 

Protection is vital when framing a photograph, artwork or piece of memorabilia. Not only does a quality custom frame protect your images from dust, moisture and fingerprints, but they can also actively help to prevent any discolouration or deterioration of your item. 

Many custom picture frames are specially designed to eschew acidic materials that may cause pieces to yellow or fade over time, along with including added UV protection in different types of glass to secure your images or memorabilia further. 


4. Explore Adding Materials Like a Mount or Matboard 

This is one of the best tips to follow if you seek a more professional look for your picture framing. Adding a mount or matboard can help to enhance the features of practically any item, drawing the eye to the centre of the frame and therefore ensuring that your framed piece is the star of the show. It may seem like a minor detail, but even the slightest accessory or difference in material quality can impact the way you perceive your custom picture frames. 


5. Try a Coloured Frame 

Coloured frames tend to be given a wide berth by individuals looking to create a sophisticated, streamlined look with their custom picture frames. However, they may be missing out on something special. Coloured frames are a great way to introduce a splash of personality or excitement to a space, and they can even enhance the different types of artworks or photographs you are framing.

An excellent tip is to avoid choosing a frame colour that is too similar to your wall paint, as this will encourage the eye to move past your framing design.  


6. Remember – Less is More with Our Framing Tips & Tricks!

It is great to be armed with several framing tips and tricks to help your artwork, photographs, or memorabilia stand out. But be careful not to get too carried away. The expression “less is more” is worth remembering when exploring ideas for designs and sizes for custom picture frames, as a bright, busy frame with eye-catching material additions may detract from the item you are trying to highlight in the first place. 


Discover Custom Picture Frames in Melbourne 

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