8 Questions to Ask a Custom Frame Shop


If you are searching for custom artwork, photo or collage framing for your possessions, you will want to ensure that your items are getting the care and attention they deserve. Modern picture framing covers a range of areas, so knowing what to expect as a client can become confusing. 

To help you feel confident in your choice of framing service and photo frame material, here are eight questions to ask that will provide you with all the information you need. 

1. Why Should I Choose a Custom Frame Shop for Modern Picture Framing? 

Custom frames for your artwork, collage or memorabilia offer many benefits. Unlike ready-made frames, you can get precisely what you want from custom picture framing, which enhances your item. From improving the aesthetics with matting to protecting it from damage, custom framing is highly recommended if your item carries sentimental value, as it will help preserve your memories for future generations. 

2. How Safe is My Piece During Your Photo Framing Service? 

When you choose modern picture framing experts like our team at The Picture Factory, you can feel confident that all our modern picture framing work is completed to meticulous standards. With every artwork, photo, or collage framing service, we offer a tailored approach that can cater to any size.

3. Does Your Shop Use High-Quality, Modern Picture Framing Materials?

A custom frame shop that uses the best quality materials, such as glass and matting, will be able to offer better results for their clients. It’s proven that a suitable material will elevate the appearance and longevity of your items. For example, modern picture framing services use an acid-free material to prevent discolouration and paper breaking down over time. 

At The Picture Factory, every material we utilise within our custom frame shop is of the highest quality to protect our items. 

4. How Much Will the Cost of Framing Be? 

Knowing the cost of a framing service will help you find the right option to stay within your budget. The cost will likely vary depending on the photo framing service you choose. 

At The Picture Factory, we offer competitive prices that provide our clientele with exceptional value for money on every custom framing purchase. 

5. Which Glass Should I Choose for a Custom Framing Service?

The type of glass used in custom framing projects can affect your item’s appearance and longevity. Standard glass is a cost-effective option that protects against dust, dirt, and moisture. You can choose options like non-reflective and UV-grade glass, which provide extra protection and preservation benefits for your items. 

6. What is the Turnaround Time for a Photo Framing Service? 

If you are working with a deadline, it can be helpful to know how long it will take to receive your finished frame. Naturally, this time will depend on each order’s size, material, and specifications, so be sure to enquire with your chosen custom frame shop. 

At The Picture Factory, we aim to have your custom artwork, collage, or photo frame item back to you within one week, regardless of cost.

7. What Matting Material Should I Choose for Framing? 

Matting refers to the coloured border visible around your item to enhance the overall presentation. These matting material options are available in various colours and styles to suit any piece. Consult with framing specialists at The Picture Factory to find the ideal matting board material and size to complement your photo, collage, memorabilia, or certification item. 

8. Is Delivery Part of Your Photo Framing Service?

If a memorabilia, photo or collage framing service includes delivery, this can be of enormous interest to clients. By overseeing the logistics for oversized items or bulk orders as part of the order cost, a custom frame shop can provide much-needed support for its customers. 

At The Picture Factory, we can deliver any photo frame order size to addresses across Melbourne, no matter where they are in the region. 

Get a Quote for Custom Framing from The Picture Factory 

At The Picture Factory, we can help you will all things modern custom picture framing. From finding the right photo frame to choosing the matting material for framing, our team of experts are on hand to provide you with an exceptional framing service every time. 

With almost three decades of experience at our Melbourne frame shop, we pride ourselves on offering bespoke photo collage framing and custom frame solutions that deliver the highest quality results on all items at a competitive cost. 

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