Custom Frame Melbourne: 6 Framing Trends for 2022


You’ll always find photo frames hanging on the walls or placed on various surfaces in a home. You might even consider a home incomplete if you don’t see a single photo frame anywhere. (1)

Aside from defining the personality of a house, photo frames also showcase the aesthetic sense of the homeowner. With this in mind, you should consider photo frames an essential element in the interior design of a house. You have to put some thought into picking frames that not only showcase your pictures but also help enhance the look of your home’s interior.

If you’ve been overlooking the picture frames in your home, now might be the right time to switch things up. Here are some of the most recent framing trends to look out for in 2022.

1. Multi-photo frames

Multi-photo frames come in a wide variety of configurations or arrangements. You can generally think of multi-photo frames as wall-mounted collages. Some designs include frames in various shapes and sizes, usually a combination of squares, circles, or rectangles, while other designs consist of uniformly-shaped segments.

Since multi-photo frames come in various configurations, you get many options for showcasing your photos. An advantage of this type of frame is that it allows you to create a story or a theme of your choice. If you find it challenging to decide which memorable photos you want to display, get multi-photo frames so that you can put all of them up instead.

2. Float frames

Float frames stand out among other photo frames on the market for their distinct appearance. This frame does not feature glass covers and typically leaves a gap between the photo’s edges and the frame. This creates a 3D effect that helps make photos stand out. This frame is generally used to showcase canvas prints, which would look awkward if pressed against a glass surface. (2)

Don’t let the lack of glass covers fool you. Due to the popularity of float frames these days, they are readily available in a variety of sizes and shapes. The frames also come in a wide array of materials and finishes, ranging from minimalist vinyl frames to fancy wooden carved frames. (3)

3. Black frames

If you want a timeless classic, consider giving the current ones in your home an upgrade by switching to black frames. Black frames are excellent for creating a minimalist yet elegant ambience in your interiors. Even better, black is a neutral colour, which means it can work with almost any style and complement any colour motif.

Another advantage of using black frames is that they tend to bring out the best in the photos you’ll be showing. For coloured photos or monochromatic prints, black frames naturally draw attention away from themselves and towards whatever they’re framing.

4. Golden frames

Although most people consider the colour gold outdated, golden frames are returning and are likely to be found in more homes. This is because switching to gold frames for your photos and artwork is one way to impart warmth to your home’s interior. It’s also ideal if you want a focal point that showcases your favourite photos since gold stands out. Depending on your style preferences, you can go for a simple frame or those with elaborate designs.

5. Wooden frames

Wood has always been considered a timeless material, and you’ll see wood used in both contemporary and traditional home design. The natural colour and texture of wooden frames in your home give your interior a warm, inviting ambience. Some types of wood frames include maple, poplar, cherry, and mahogany, to name a few.

Wood frames provide plenty of colour, size, and texture options. This makes wood frames an incredibly versatile choice. Dark wood frames are commonly seen in modern home designs, while brighter wood tones are often seen in rustic or traditional home motifs. (4)

6. Shadow box frames

Although shadow box frames have been around for some time, you might want to consider the frame style a suitable choice this year if you want to upgrade the frames in your home by adding depth and variety of appearance. (5)

Shadow box frames protrude from the wall, leaving space between the photo and the glass pane. This means that some shadow box frames can also showcase small objects aside from 2-dimensional photographs. This means they’re basically like very shallow shelves. Shadow box frames are usually made of wood, aluminium, or other lightweight materials. However, some high-end options can be made of glass.

Final thoughts 

Framing trends have helped homeowners discover new options to enhance the look of their home’s interiors. Whether you’re going for a minimalist vibe or planning to use a picture as a focal point on your wall, these current framing trends will inspire you to try something new for your home.


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