The Best Tips To Enhance Wedding Photography and Framing the Shots

Capturing one of the biggest events in the lives of a couple allows them to reflect on the love, romance and happy memories for the rest of their lives. Wedding photographers need to be on top of their game, especially as there is a myriad of positions, camera settings, and lighting conditions to think about, alongside the events themselves to prioritise and equipment to capitalise on to provide the best canvas.

Post-production is equally important, and knowing how to frame photographs to deliver the most impact and enhance the visuals of the images can contribute to the effectiveness of your photography service. Below, we have compiled our best wedding photography tips and framing solutions to help in the process.

Tips for beautiful wedding photos

Know the venue

Weddings are jam-packed with activities and special events to capture, and right from the get-go, you’ll be busy snapping photos of the couple getting ready. It’s helpful to visit the venue before the day and scout out special locations that will make for great pictures, so you know how to position the couple and their party quickly without rushing around on the day.

Use the sides and corners

For both spontaneous, candid snaps and the planned photo session, your time will be stretched, and you won’t have a lot of time to spare to compose each shot. You can still capitalise on the rule of thirds by not composing in the centre, but aiming the camera a little off the object of the shot so they’ll perfectly sit off the centre line.

Get creative with your position

Hiding in the bushes might feel like you’re escaping work, but don’t worry, it’s all part of the job. Getting creative with your positioning can make for some amazing and candid shots. You can find the highest spot in the venue and shoot the party from above, place yourself in some bushes and shoot the couple with leaves in the foreground or situate yourself in the middle of a crowd while focusing your shot on the couple. These all provide a new perspective that can transform your wedding photography into an artwork of love.

How to frame wedding photos

Once the day’s over, you can make some strategic framing choices to emphasise the effect of your photography. There are some important aspects to consider to arrive at the ideal frames for you and the couple; the first being to decide on which images they want to be framed. Encouraging them to mix busy shots with simpler ones is a great way to get a balanced composition.

Large singular frames

For busy shots with a group of people, large singular frames work well as the photo has room to breathe and the object can be seen easily. Other singular framed shots could be a close-up of the couple or their favourite selection among the landscape, and a photograph of their immediate families can work well, too.

Collage Frames

Collage frames are a fantastic way to showcase some of the best photos that don’t need a large singular frame to be appreciated. They also allow you to tell the story of the day through images by beginning with a morning photo, having something old, new and borrowed section and ending with an exit photo. In between, you can add photos of the first kiss, the ceremony, bouquet toss and laughs during the speeches.

Having a framing partner in place for a rapid turnaround will provide the perfect finish to their wedding photography and your service. Contact The Picture Factory to start planning today!