How To Arrange Your Framed Art to Complement Your Space

Once you have the perfect customised frames for your artwork or photos, the next challenge is figuring out how to place them alongside each other in a given room. Of course, you can arrange them any way you like, but there are a few things you will want to consider when hanging your frames.

Pair with the Wider Room

Before you begin, take a look at the room. Choose artwork or photos that compliment your furniture and decor. If they share some of the same colours or tones, for example, they will tie together nicely. Consider the colour of the frames themselves when you’re ordering your custom frames to ensure they won’t clash with the wall colour or furniture. Typically, you will want the frames to all be the same colour, but having a few different styles of frames will keep a sense of uniqueness and creativity in the room.

Preparation and Careful Consideration

Before you commit to a location for each piece, make sure you’re completely happy with your choices of arrangement. It’s a good idea to layout your artwork on the floor to see if you like the way the pieces look together. Consider the placement of the furniture in the room as well. You’ll want everything to look balanced and well thought out. For instance, if you’re hanging a large piece of artwork off to the side of the wall, try to have an armchair or another larger piece of furniture on the other side of the wall to balance it out. You wouldn’t want to put the chair on the same side as the framed piece, as it would look too busy and overbearing. Arranging on the floor first will allow you to easily move things around until you’re happy with the final result. When you’re satisfied with the arrangement, having a second set of hands to help hold things up on the wall while you step back and check the placement can be beneficial so you can see if the position on the wall is to your liking before hanging it.

Stand Back and Admire Your Work

Hanging your artwork and photos at eye level is best to draw attention to them. The key to having the perfect placement is to also consider where in the room it’s most likely to be viewed from and whether you’ll likely be standing or seated. Remember, it does not need to be symmetrical to look great!

Once you have the perfect placement mapped out, go ahead and hang up your beautifully framed pieces and then step back and admire your hard work. Art and photos can be used simply to pull a room together, fill an empty space on the wall, or be a focal point in the room. There are so many different aspects you can tie together to complement your artwork! Patterns on a throw pillow or the colours of your curtains, for example, could match with your art to give everything a sophisticated and well put-together feel.

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