Wood, Plastic and Metal: Everything You Need to Know About Common Framing Materials

Framing is a special process that balances art with functionality. When frames are holding artwork or photography, their material and design are critical to accentuating and emphasising the medium it’s supporting. Understanding the fundamentals of each common framing material is an integral step in finding the perfect frames for your space. When comparing frame materials, […]

Types of Australian Defence Medals, Honours and Awards

The Australian Defence Force (ADF) is the military organisation of Australia consisting of the Royal Navy, Army and the Royal Australian Air Force. These three branches are supported by several civilian agencies, including the Department of Defence, which provides additional funding for equipment and other things such as health care for ADF members. The ADF […]

The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Framing Your Precious Memories

Framing our precious memories, our beloved artwork and memorabilia from sports events that have made a big impact on our lives, ultimately makes any space feel like our own. From decorating your home or office in style, through to preserving memories and avoiding future damage – there’s plenty to love about the good, old photo […]