7 Unexpected Things You Can Do with a Custom Frame


Custom frames are a perfect choice for prints and artwork that need a frame complementing their uniqueness. But there are many other wonderful items that can be framed to make a great addition to your decor and provide new aesthetics to a space. These items can depend on your interests and preferences that add character and may have been items you hadn’t considered hanging on your wall.

The Picture Factory have framed all kinds of fantastic and creative objects for our clients in Victoria. We’ve seen some wonderful flower framing from a frame shop in Perth, some great retro posters done by our favourite frame shop in Sydney, and a frame shop in Penrith that specialises in map framing and clothing custom frames in Brisbane! So, browse our ideas below and do some quick research on ‘how much does framing cost in Australia?’ to revive your space quickly!


Retro advertisement and posters

If you want to add more framed pieces, vintage advertisements are a fantastic way to introduce a captivating and mysterious poster into your space without purchasing an expensive print or artwork. If you have any old newspapers or books, you might find some great retro prints in there, otherwise, local markets often sell these items. These posters often have simple colours, fun fonts and vintage styling that match many different areas and rooms.


Your spare scarves can be framed and hung in your rooms because they often come with some wonderful and fun designs that make for an eye-catching piece. When shopping for custom frames for your scarf, choose one that is shorter and narrower than the scarf and cut a piece of cardboard to sit at the back of the frame. Wrap the scarf around the cardboard and secure the edges with tape to arrive at your scarf canvas ready to sit in the frame.


Maps are one of the most common items we see framed because of their inquisitive and captivating nature for viewers to explore. What’s great about maps is that there are so many different types, sizes, colours and measurements that they come in, so you can find one that most interests you and matches the design of your space. When maps are framed, they draw viewers in and exude their importance, providing something to spend time investigating in waiting rooms, offices or your home.

Don’t be afraid to stray away from world maps too. Astrological maps, geological, heat maps and any other kind of science-themed prints are great for adding an unexpected touch of interest to your space.

Vintage signs and country collectables

A simple but effective way to bring some chic into your office or home environment is to frame vintage road signs and country items. Pair them with some wooden furniture and they create a light-hearted laid-back mood and take your rustic decor up a notch. Due to the variety of signage and collectables you can find within the vintage and country theme, these make for a fabulous gallery wall that delivers farmhouse fresh and rustic warmth.

Dried and pressed botanicals

Framing dried flowers, pressed leaves and preserved insects is another great but unexpected item you can take to your custom picture framers, and gives you a chance to flex your DIY art skills! Using some kraft paper as a canvas will create a stylish and cost-effective backdrop that highlights the natural wonder of the focal piece.

You can buy already dried and preserved botanicals through stores and markets and select a frame larger than the piece to create balance through negative space. These also complement earth-toned painting and neutral prints and add an unexpected touch of nature into your art styling.

Nostalgic clothing

One of our favourite unexpected items to frame is nostalgic clothing, whether it is yours from the good old days or your children’s first t-shirts or ballet shoes. Framing them not only provides a valuable case for your sentimental items, but they can also fit in well to many aesthetical styles and add some extra depth into your space.

If they’re flat clothing pieces like baby clothes, shorts or swimwear, these can be pressed onto an inexpensive canvas and look adorable behind glass frames. These might not be best suited next to your expensive artwork or most stylish areas, but they’re an awesome touch of personalisation in bedrooms, photo areas or work offices.

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