7 Advantages of Custom Picture Frames

A collection of solid wood photo picture frame corner samples

Art and photography are a testament to our creativity and individuality. From sweeping landscapes, to abstract creations, to portraits of friends and family, custom picture frames play a vital role in preserving and showcasing these visual expressions. 

In this article, our specialists at The Picture Factory will explore seven of the many advantages available when you invest in custom photo, picture and poster frames, including how they can elevate your art, protect it for years to come, and even increase its value. We will also discuss how custom framing and in-house services can cater to your unique situation and display ideas.


What are Custom Framing Services?

Custom picture framing services provide tailored solutions for framing various types of artwork, photographs, memorabilia, and other items requiring preservation and presentation. Custom picture, photo and poster frames can help enhance the aesthetic appeal, as well as protect and extend the life of the framed piece. 

The custom framing process typically involves the selection of materials, design, and assembly of the frame, custom-cut matting, and other components to create a finished product that complements the item being framed.


#1 Enhances the Aesthetic Appeal of Artwork

Custom picture frames are designed to accentuate the visual elements of your artwork. By carefully selecting colours and tones that complement the piece, custom framing services ensure a cohesive look with the surrounding décor. 

Whether you’re seeking custom cut matting to draw focus to fine art or poster frames for a casual display, the right selection can make all the difference in highlighting the beauty of your piece.


#2 Offers Unique and Personalised Designs

One of the primary benefits of custom photo frames is the ability to tailor the design to your preferences. Investing in custom framing services exposes you to a plethora of premium-quality materials, eye-catching styles, and accentuating finishes that match the subject matter of your artwork and express your style. 


#3 Provides Superior Protection and Preservation

Custom picture frames not only enhance the look of your art but also protect it from potential damage from the surrounding environment. 

Using acid-free and UV-resistant materials, custom framing services ensure the longevity of your artwork. By preventing damage from light, moisture, and even a selection of insects, custom-made frames act as a shield, preserving your precious pieces for years to come.


#4 Supports Proper Display and Hanging Techniques

The correct display and hanging of your artwork are crucial for both its aesthetics and safety. Custom framing services provide professional guidance on optimal display methods and use appropriate hardware for secure hanging. This attention to detail maintains the structural integrity of the frame and artwork, giving you peace of mind.


#5 Increases the Value of Artwork

Certain pieces with your collection will hold significant emotional value, but others will also bear a relative financial value that can be improved with custom framing services. 

Investing in specialised frames can enhance your more impressive artwork’s perceived value and appeal. Quality framing not only adds a refined touch to the piece but also preserves its condition for future resale or appraisal. Alternatively, generic framing options may actually detract from the piece’s quality, hindering the value in the eyes of prospective buyers.


#6 Adapts to Various Sizes and Shapes

Standard framing options are limited in their choices for sizes and shapes, often causing difficulties when trying to accommodate non-standard dimensions or unusually shaped or three-dimensional items. 

Fortunately, custom framing allows you to create or purchase a diverse range of pieces of different shapes and sizes. You will simply bring the artwork in, and the service will perform custom-cut matting and framing, delivering a perfect solution, every time.


#7 Promotes Conservation and Sustainability

Custom picture frames also contribute to environmental conservation and sustainability. Many custom framing services use eco-friendly and sustainable materials to reduce their carbon footprint. Additionally, by supporting local frame shops and artisans, you can help minimise waste through precise measurements and tailored designs while simultaneously promoting the local economy.


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