5 Personalised Photos Gifts For Your Family


Personalised photo gifts are a thoughtful way to show your family how much you care. By framing special moments, or displaying prized possessions, you can create unique gifts that will be cherished for years to come.

To help you get started, here are 5 ideas from our team at The Picture Factory:

1. Custom Picture Framing of Beloved Moments

It is likely you won’t always have your favourite pictures or photos in the standard A3 or A4 format, or be able to find frames that truly do it justice in terms of style and fit. Whether it’s a wedding photo, a picture of the day you first brought home your newborn, or simply a candid shot that captures a special moment amongst friends and family, custom picture framing is a beautiful way to preserve these memories. You can have the frame made to match the décor of your home, or choose a style that reflects the personality of the recipient.

2. Sports Memorabilia Framing

If someone in your family is passionate about sports, then framing memorabilia is a great way to help them show their team spirit. You can frame jerseys, tickets, programs, and more. You could perhaps take an old jumper from their glory days, or even a purchase a bit of sporting history with ticket stubs from famous matches and events to immortalise in these air-tight frames. This makes for a unique gift that can be displayed with pride.

3. Block Mounting

Block mounting is a popular and stylish alternative to displaying photos, prints, posters, and even certificates. It involves first laminating and then fixing the item in question to a backing board made from MDF. The blocks are mounted on the wall, and the pictures are placed on top. This allows for the picture or print to be protected from fading in the future, or from damaging environmental conditions.

4. Shadow Box Framing

Shadow box framing is another excellent way to display photos, pictures, prints, posters and even memorabilia. With their glass-fronted designs, your item will be sunk deeper than in traditional frames, with a raised mat that casts a light silhouette over your display. We believe these are especially effective in childhood memories or momentous events becoming the focus on your wall, but you can also use shadow boxes to create a collage of photos or artwork for a stunning result.

5. Vinyl Record Display Frames

We’ve covered the sports enthusiasts in your family, now let’s find something for that music lover in your life. Given how so much of today’s music is consumed through digital platforms, take them back to a purer time, when an album was listened to as intended with those signature, crisp tones, immortalised forever with a vinyl record display frame. This type of frame allows you to showcase their favourite album cover art while protecting the records from dust and damage. These can make for excellent display pieces in bedrooms and living rooms, or to commemorate special moments in one’s life, such as first concerts visited and first dates.

Work with Our Specialists at The Picture Factory to Find the Perfect Gifts for Your Loved Ones

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